Welcome Weekend Captain Application

Author: Chris Tarnacki


We are hitting Frosh O recruiting season.  As you may or may not know the University over the past 18 months or so did a substantial review of Frosh O and there will be some changes.  One of the most substantial is that the weekend's activities will be coordinated by a representative from Student Affairs who is the Program Director for First Year Student Engagement (Paul Manrique) and the First Year of Studies.  The second substantial change is that it is now being referred to as "Welcome Weekend" after people recognized that in reality very little orientation-type stuff takes place over the weekend.  I'll go into more detail about this during an information meeting on Monday, March 16 @ 11 PM in the 24.  If you are applying you have to be at that meeting.
The application form is linked below.  You should submit the form and also provide a copy of your resume via email to me.
If you are just interested on being on the Welcome Weekend team, that selection period will occur beginning March 23 and those selections will be done jointly by the rector and the appointed Captain.