Important End of the Semester Information

Location: O'Neill Hall

Below are some important end of the semester notes.  It is your responsibility to review and comply with everything noted below.  Failure to do so will result in the assessment of fines or participation in the conduct process.  All of this information is posted on the O'Neill website if you need to reference it.


A separate email will be sent to students who are checking out of the hall at the conclusion of the semester outlining those processes.


HALL CLOSING - The hall closes at 2 PM sharp on Saturday, December 20. The hall must be fully vacated at that time and re-entry will not be permitted.  If your travel plans require you to leave later you will have to find somewhere else to hang out until you leave.  This is a University wide policy.


HALL OPENING - The hall will re-open at 9 AM on Sunday, January 11.  There are zero exceptions to this as well.


HOUSEKEEPING - The housekeepers will enter your room over break and clean your sink and mirror if it is accessible.  Maintenance will change the filter in your AC/heat unit if they can get to it.


TO DO LIST - A green to-do list will be taped to your door by Thursday.  Before the last resident leaves your room make sure everything on the list is completed and that each roommate has signed the form.  The last roommate to leave should tack it to your tack board or tape it to your door.  Your RA will have a roll of tape if you need it. Failure to comply with everything on the list will result in fines and/or referral to the University conduct process.  Every room will be checked prior to hall staff leaving for break.


COMMON SPACES - Make sure any personal belongings are in your room.  Anything left in common areas such as study rooms, lounges, the laundry room, workout room, the kitchen, the basement, etc… will be discarded or donated over break.  This also includes shower caddies in the bathroom.  Items determined to be of great value will be confiscated and only returned after a fine is assessed.


LAUNDRY ROOM – Clothes that have been left in the laundry room over the last few weeks were collected and placed in a bag in the St. Vincent box.  If you’ve left clothing in there you should check that box before break.


BASEMENT – Athletic gear left in the basement (hockey and football equipment especially) should be placed in the new athletic closet in the basement.  This should be done before break as well.   For access to the closet please come see me.


MAIL - Check your mailbox before you leave.  Mail can pile up over the 3 weeks of break.