Room Picks 2017

Click here for the Room Picks Google Doc

Note you will need to be logged into your ND Google Account to access the document.



Monday March 27th:  Room Pick Lottery Numbers will be distributed via email/Google Doc

Tuesday March 28th at 10:00 PM:  Anyone looking for a roommate meet with AJ (24 Hour Lounge)
Tuesday March 28th at 10:15 PM:  Anyone seeking a single meet with AJ (24 Hour Lounge)
Tuesday March 28th at 10:30 PM:  Anyone switching sections meet with AJ (24 Hour Lounge)

Monday, April 3 at 8:00 PM - Rising Seniors and all those still hoping for a single meet with AJ to select a room (24 Hour Lounge)
Tuesday, April 4 from 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM - Rising Juniors may enter their Room Pick into Google Doc
Wednesday, April 5 from 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM - Rising Sophomores may enter their Room Pick into Google Doc
Thursday, April 6 from 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM - All late applicants may may enter their Room Pick into Google Doc

As usual, rising seniors have first choice of rooms, followed by rising juniors and then rising sophomores.  Within the individual classes, ranking is determined by a random lottery provided by the Office of Housing.  The lottery numbers will be published in the Google Document on Monday March 27th, one week before the first official room pick. 

Choosing a Room Type and Roommates 
Before picking a room, residents should determine the type of room they want and who their roommate(s) will be.  The person with the highest lottery number will pick the room on behalf of all the roommates.  

Finding a Roommate

If you do not have a roommate lined up please speak with either your RA or one of the AR's.  In addition, there will be a meeting on Tuesday March 28 at 10:00 PM in the 24 for anyone looking to pair up with someone new.  If you do not have a roommate and cannot make this meeting, please contact AJ (

Unavailable Rooms
A number of rooms have been blocked off in each section based on the estimated number of freshmen and for the RA’s.  A few other rooms have been blocked off for the Office of Housing’s use.  These are not available for selection. 

Current Study Abroad Students
If you are currently abroad and living in O’Neill next year, the deadlines for the room picks still apply to you as well.  If you are interested in potentially getting a single please send an email to AJ ( with your ranking of the singles in order of your preference or if it doesn’t matter.  Based on your lottery number and availability you would be assigned either your highest preference or a randomly assigned open single.


Anyone interested in a single should attend a meeting with AJ on Tuesday March 28 at 10:15 PM in the 24 to work through the lottery list and select singles in order.  If you can’t make the meeting please email a ranking list of all the singles by preference to AJ ( or specify no preference.  Based on your lottery number and availability you will be assigned the highest remaining single on your list. If you miss the meeting and do not email AJ you will not be eligible to select a single.

Switching Sections

Anyone interested in switching sections should attend a meeting with AJ on Tuesday March 28 at 10:30 PM in the 24 to let him know, in order that we can make sure we have enough rooms available in each section.  If you can’t make the meeting please email  AJ ( to let him know what section you will be switching into.  If you do not email AJ or attend the meeting, you will not be allowed to switch sections.

Fall Study Abroad Students
If you are going abroad in the fall you should have had your housing contract cancelled for the fall and will be accepting a contract in November if you are interested in returning to O’Neill.  Because we have more people going abroad in the spring than in the fall you will have no problem getting back into O’Neill if you would like.  You should pair up with someone who is going abroad in the spring OR you should pair up with another returning person IF there is a completely empty room vacated by two people studying abroad in the spring.  That is noted on the study abroady tab (let me know if any of this information is inaccurate).

  1. Your name should be listed in the Spring Semester column in the same row as the person with whom you are switching spots.
  2. If there is a room that will be completely empty in the Spring there is the possibility of two students who will be abroad together in the fall living together in the spring.

Spring Study Abroad Students

If you are going abroad in the spring you will be selecting a room in the fall.  You have three options:

  1. Pair up with someone going abroad in the fall who will switch spots with you.
  2. Pair up with another person going abroad in the spring which will create a completely empty room.
  3. Select a room with someone not going abroad with no other arrangements.  In this situation it is very possible the person staying will get a randomly assigned roommate from outside O’Neill for the Spring semester.

Room Picks Draft

You are free to choose the room for you and your roommate(s) if you have the highest (1 being the highest) lottery number that hasn’t picked yet. If you pick a room before someone in front of you has picked you should do so under the assumption that they will pick your room ahead of you.  Similarly, if someone with a lower number than you picks a room that you want, you should feel no qualms about picking that room instead of them.  If that is the case please communicate that with them.  No matter how we do room picks it will not work if there is not good communication.


Entering a Room Pick

Please enter your name and lottery number on one of the lines for your room.  If you have roommates you will also enter their names and lottery numbers.  Please use real names and do NOT pick a room beore your designated day.  If you do, you will be moved to the very bottom of the entire room picks.

Once you enter your pick in the Google Document, that decision is final.  If for some reason your plans need to change, please talk to AJ, but know that you will likely be moved to the bottom of the entire room picks.

Contingency Room Picks - Thursday April 6, 8 PM in the 24 Hour Lounge
If this process fails we will have a traditional room picks where rooms are selected in lottery order.  You must be present to select a room or designate a proxy if you are currently abroad.  This is unlikely but keep your calendars free this evening.