Annual Events

O' Week

Every year O'Nell has a week to celebrate the spirit of the Mobsters, and have some friendly competition amongst the sections. This week is highlighted by events such as root beer pong, slushie flip cup, table tennis, and pool. The most heated challenge of the week is the Spank O'lympics, described below.

Spank O’ Lympics


O’Neill’s beloved pizza place, Spanky’s, fresh off a good showing at ’Taste of ND’, helped put on an O’ Week favorite. Spank O’ Lympics is a series of competitions held during O’Neill Week. It features a few eating contests, Slush Flip Cup, and a Saltine Challenge. It is very fun to watch as evidenced by the large turnouts of guys who jam into the 24 hour lounge. Below, competitors get off to a fast start in the pizza-eating competition. Clearly, the eaters went so fast that the camera could not keep up with the blur of action.



Miss ND

Every Thursday of O'Week, to cap off the best dorm week on campus, the Mobsters but on a show to determine the best lady on campus. One member from each female dorm on campus can enter into this beauty pageant on steroids. The pageant involves two main portions. These events are the talent portion and the question/answer portion. In order to fill in the time between pageant portions, the men of O’Neill come up with various skits to keep the crowd into the show. There are several acts showcasing the talent of O'Neill as well, such as crime fighting and saying things we don't actually say.


On a beautiful Friday afternoon in mid-April, O’Neill and Lyons gathered on South Quad to eat, play games, race along an inflatable obstacle course, and enjoy each other’s company. The activity, which is becoming a Mobster favorite, was well-organized and clearly, a great success. Though the showing consisted mostly of The Mob, members of several other dorms came to share in the fun and take a well-deserved break from studying. Many guys hung out for the better part of the afternoon while others stopped by for an hour or two. Above, people line up to race on the obstacle course while others enjoy the food and one another’s company.
Who: ~ 100 Mobsters, 100 Lionesses and 100+ Others
Where: South Quad
When: Late Spring