What You Need

Whether it be the University, your parents or people you know, some people just forget to tell you some of the stuff you really need to have and know to have a smooth ride at ND.

1. The showers are public. You'll need to have sandals, and a shower-tote.

2. A mini fridge, to keep your Coke cold.

3. O'Neill is one of the best dorms on campus. Just about everyone at ND will argue the same thing about their respective dorms, but we, unlike those people, have proof, and that proof in Air Conditioning. (We're one of the few dorms on campus with AC.)  Our rooms are around 14' x 14', so we have plenty of room.

4. Computer. Not only are they great for doing homework, researching papers and keeping in touch with your professors (they like e-mail... a lot!), but it's also a good source of entertainment. Laptops or desktops with flat-panel monitors are recommended since deskspace is limited.

5. If, however, TV is your thing, bring one. All dorm rooms have cable TV, and DVDs and videos are also great in a pinch.

6. A couch. A futon is a inexpensive way to solve this problem, and gives you an extra bed for visitors to sleep on. Papasan chairs are really comfortable and cheap, but also take up lots of space.

7. The University provides you with a bed, wardrobe, desk, and chair which are really quite awesome. However, the chairs are wood without any padding. A comfortable chair is worth more than gold bricks when you're sitting in front of a computer at 2 in the morning trying to crank out a 6-page paper. Unfortunately, this isn't a rare occurrence.

8. A cellphone. Notre Dame only offers room phones at an extra price. Cellphone reception is fine even in the dorm, so it is highly recommended that you buy a cellphone and bring it instead of paying extra for a room phone that you never use.

9. Dressy clothes. A suit (if you have one), a few ties, collared shirt, etc. Every now and then, you'll have a reason to dress up.

10.  Warm clothes.  Don't be fooled:  the South in South Bend has no connotations with anything you usually think about the South.  Usually right before Fall Break, the temperature drops til about mid-April.  We usually get a few feet of snow throughout the winter, the temperatures during the winter can drop to single digits (with wind chills in the negative teens).  So bring along boots, a heavy winter coat, and anything else you need to stay warm.

11.  Posters.  The rooms can look pretty mundane without something to spruce up the walls.  This can get somewhat depressing in the cold winter months.

 Here's a giant list for you; this covers mostly everything we could think of.  Keep in mind that the following lists are only suggestions. After all, what you'll need is really at your discretion. If you have particular questions about what to bring, feel free to contact a member of the Orientation Staff.


Clothes Personal Care Room Furniture Important Other stuff
Underwear Shaver Radio Glasses Power strips/surge protectors
Socks Soap Clock Contacts, solution, and case Musical instruments
Swimsuit Comb and brush Stereo Bike, Kryptonite lock Extension cords
Towels Shampoo TV Sunglasses Raquetball racket
Washcloth Toothpaste Storage bins Gym bag Shoe polish, etc.
Shoes (dress, tennis, boots) Toothbrush Rugs Backpack Hockey equpiment
Sandals Dental floss Bedspread Wallet Clothes brush
Pants Deodorant CDs Key chain Chess set
Shirts Cold medicine Refrigerator (4.6 cubic feet maximum) Money Dust rag
T-Shirts Other medication   Watch Cards
Belts Nail clippers   Checkbook Plastic bags
Sports coat Vitamins   Stamps Golf clubs
Ties Shower caddy   Envelopes Mugs/glasses
Sweaters Cotton swabs     Water balloons
Light jacket Tissues     Can opener
Heavy coat (remember: it
gets very cold in the winter!)
First-aid kit     Bottle opener
Umbrella (it rains a lot too) Iron     Flashlight
Hats       Small toolbox
Gloves       Laundry bags


        Paper towels
        Futon/couch (you will have room!)
        Tennis racket
        Baseball glove
        Ice skates