Welcome to O'Neill Hall!

Home of the Angry Mob.


Important Information for Football Weekends

Between Friday at 6 PM and Sunday at 9 AM residence halls will be accessible through the main doors by swipe card access only for residents of that building.

Individuals who are not residents will be required to be escorted into and through the building.

Students are responsible for their guests and all guests are expeted to abide by all University standards.

Students must obtain prior permission from their rector before hosting a guest under the age of 17.  

All guests must be registered.

All the discretion of Univeristy officials, any guest may be denied admission or removed from University housing at any time.



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  • August 30 Rector News


    In this Edition:

    • Training for Lectors, EM and Sacristans
    • Hall Musicians Needed
    • Important Notes for Football Weekends
    • Make-Up Town Hall Meeting this Sunday
    • Spanky's Opens on Tuesday
    • Desk Hours
    • Birthdays


  • April 27 Rector News


    In this Edition:
    Week of Dominance
    Room Inspections Tonight
    Notre Dame Day
    Study Days Regulations
    Yoga and Yogurt/Hall Picture this Thursday
    Spanky's Managers Needed for Next Year


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