Hall News and Upcoming Events

Dudes' Dance. Tent between O'Neill and Keough. Thursday, April 24. 9:00PM.
First ever Dudes' Dance! You must be an O'Neill resident to attend. 
The dance begins at 9PM, you must arrive no later than 9:30PM. Early leavers will not be readmitted.
The cost of the dance is $5. You can pay at the front desk or at the door (of the event).
There will be pizza and root beer. Sign up HERE
NDignite Connection Program. Info Session on Google Hangouts. Sunday, April 27. 7:00-8:00PM.
The NDignite Connection program is looking for students to become mentors for promising middle schoolers.
As a mentor, you will be a connection between students and Notre Dame with the opportunity to help young students develop their minds, bodies, and souls.
Join the Google Hangout at 7:00PM on April 27 for more information.
Additionally, you may contact acarlin1@nd.edu or kguay@nd.edu.
Section Basketball. Wednesdays in April. The Rock. 9:00PM
Section basketball will take place every Wednesday at 9PM.
Standard basketball rules...one game to 21. 
Click here for schedule!
Room Picks Lottery is Available!
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And the Excel file with picked rooms.
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Family Nights: Every Sunday. 9:30PM after Mass.
A new event, Family Nights, is beginning this Sunday following mass and will continue for the rest of this semester.
This is an informal, casual social gathering that all Mobsters are invited to.
This Sunday will feature an ice cream bar!

If you would like to promote an event on this webpage, please email oneill@.nd.edu with the appropriate information at least ONE WEEK in advance of your event date.